Lethal Union




A debutante by day, slayer of demons and vampires by night … life is very complicated for Sarah Carlton. It gets even more complicated as she tries to fight her growing passion for a Master Vampire, the Marques of Sanford. A forbidden attraction between deadly arch enemies … Vanessa Liebe brings Regency England to life in Lethal Union, Book 1 of Slayer, her new paranormal romance series.

Sarah Carlton is a debutante in Regency England and she is also “The Slayer.” She has the difficult task of balancing her life between the social whirl of the haut ton and slaying demons and the undead at night. To complicate her life further, Sarah knows a Master Vampire is coming to London – a vampire she has been ordered to capture rather than kill. But nothing prepares her for the Marquis of Sandford, or her attraction to him.

Dominic, the Marquis of Sandford, has come to London after hearing of the Slayer. Believing her previously to only be a myth, he’s curious to meet her and fight her – he’s not expecting to desire her and start wanting something else entirely. Then she is kidnapped just as he has convinced her to be with him. Can he rescue her in time?

Content Notes: Hot, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Light BDSM, Fantasy, Paranormal, Regency, Action, Adventure, Demons, Vampires


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Excerpt One

Dominic stepped outside and followed the girl down a path and deep into the garden. Amazingly he could sense no other humans out here making an illicit rendezvous. It was just he and the Slayer. She was safe, for now. Then he looked ahead and was shocked that he couldn’t see her anymore. The damn chit had vanished.
“Why are you following me?” a husky voice demanded from behind him.

Dominic had to admire her. The girl had been aware of him following her the whole time and had double backed to surprise him. He slowly turned around and faced the Slayer, liking what he saw. She was even prettier close-up. Holding up his hands to indicate that she was in no danger from him when nothing could be further from the truth, Dominic smiled. “I saw you come out here and wanted to warn you that you shouldn’t enter a garden at night on your own like this.”
The raven-haired girl looked him over as if totally unimpressed by him. “I’m aware of the dangers,” she scoffed and Dominic’s lips twitched. It was tempting to uncloak himself again and see how the brazen chit reacted to a Master Vampire instead. “And I’m curious as to why you felt compelled to warn me. Who are you?” she asked rudely.
“The Marquis of Sandford, at your service.” He gave a mocking bow.
The chit merely blinked, before raising an eyebrow skeptically at him. “Well, my Lord. Thank you for your concern, but I came out for some fresh air and I wish to be alone,” she said, dismissing him.
Dominic couldn’t help liking her. She had guts and he wanted to talk a little more to see what other insults she would give him. He couldn’t let her go yet. He was enjoying the fact she had no idea what he really was. “Aren’t you going to tell me your name?” he asked when she was about to turn and walk away from him. “It seems only polite under the circumstances.”
“No.” She frowned when he laughed. “We haven’t been introduced by anyone and I don’t think…”
“Come now. Take pity on the gentleman who cared enough about your safety to warn you about the dangers of entering a secluded garden. Tell me your name.”
“Miss Susan Smythe,” came the prompt reply. “Happy?”
“I’ll have to be.” But he knew the girl had lied. No matter, he would discover her real name later.
She was about to turn from him again when he stepped closer and he enjoyed hearing her little gasp of astonishment. He also saw a fleeting flash of awareness in her eyes for him as an attractive male and it pleased him.
“You should be more careful of your reputation, Miss Smythe.” He stared at her mouth. Such plump, soft lips and they were begging for a kiss. Perhaps he should oblige.

Excerpt Two

It was when she had her back to him, that Dominic came out of the shadows. “Good evening, Miss Smythe.” He used the false name she’d given him and he liked her little gasp of horror before she swung round to face him.
“You!” she spluttered, instantly holding her stake up with the pointed end in his direction. “What are you doing here, my lord?”
Dominic prowled nearer and the girl raised the stake higher. “I’ve been following you and watching you.” He smiled as he continued to walk toward her.
Her violet eyes narrowed and she looked him up and down. “Why?” she snapped, and Dominic smirked when he heard the increased heartbeat. Was it fear or reluctant attraction that made her heart beat so?
“Because I wanted to see you in action, Slayer!”
Sarah gasped at his use of her title. “What are you?” she bit out, grip tightening on her stake.
“Have you ever met a Master Vampire before?” He enjoyed seeing the realization dawn in her eyes.
“You cloak your presence somehow?” He nodded, before letting her sense him. Her eyes widened as she felt him and Dominic stepped closer.
“Stop right there,” she told him, clearly exhausted.
He knew she was in no fit state to take on a Master Vampire – but she didn’t need to worry about fighting him. He stopped a few paces away. “Relax, Slayer. I’m not going to kill you right now.”
“You’re not?” She blinked in confusion at him and her stake trembled slightly in her grip.
“No, I’m not,” he confirmed. “That wouldn’t be any fun at all, now would it? I like the hunt, Slayer and you’re worthy prey, but you’re not at your best right now. You’re tired from the ball and from slaying, so I just want a little taste of you tonight.”
The stake wobbled a bit more in her hand and Dominic could sense her indecision about what to do. “A taste?” She almost squeaked and he found it adorable. He had to have that taste.
Before Sarah could blink, Dominic moved at preternatural speed to pull her into his embrace.
“Oomph.” She gasped as the air was knocked out of her and the stake was taken out of her hand. He threw it onto the ground and claimed her mouth. She instantly stiffened in his arms so he coaxed her to relax by slanting his mouth and deepening the kiss. He was rewarded with a sweet moan and he slid his tongue in as her lips parted, fully tasting her with a slow exploration of her mouth.
“Slayer!” he whispered, pulling back at last, to see her eyes had fluttered closed. “You taste delicious.” Encouraged, he slid a hand down her back and cupped her bottom,
pushing her against his rapidly hardening cock.
“No!” she gasped, the second she felt his erection against her. She began to struggle, unintentionally rubbing herself against him and making Dominic painfully hard.
He finally let the Slayer break free from his hold and she reared back in horror. Wiping her mouth free of his kiss, she looked at him in disgust. “Oh, God – why did you do that?” But she didn’t wait for an answer before she turned and ran. Dominic watched his sassy Slayer run off in the snug fitting boy’s clothes and groaned. He hadn’t been so aroused in a long time and his rock-hard cock was straining for release while his fangs were desperate to bite into soft, warm flesh. He’d been so distracted by the Slayer’s naked body that he’d actually let his guard down and she’d sensed his presence. He’d never unintentionally lowered his guard like that, especially in front of a foe. The chit was definitely dangerous – and it gave him a thrill. He was going to enjoy this hunt immensely and he may have to revise his plans for the raven-haired beauty slightly.

Excerpt Three

What she should do – no—needed to do, was to go back into that hall, follow the Marquis and stake him when she had the chance. Now, what could she use? She was in a museum full of ancient artifacts and weapons for goodness sakes, so there must be something. She moved down the corridor and saw there was a room ahead, with the door ajar, so she glanced behind her to make sure she was alone and then pushed the door slowly open.
“That’s just what I’m after,” she said in excitement as she saw all of the metal weapons lining the wall. Stepping into the room, she was about to walk over to take an ancient sword when the door clicked shut behind her. “Hello again, Sarah. I was waiting to get you alone.”
* * * *
Dominic enjoyed hearing the Slayer’s little gasp of shock. He had discovered her real name from an acquaintance at his club after making discreet inquiries. Now she was shut in a room with him. She should be disconcerted.
“Why do you insist on following me?” She swung around to face him.
“It amuses me to do so.” He watched in admiration as the chit covertly looked around for the nearest weapon to grab while facing him. A little distraction was in order.
“I wondered if you had thought about our kiss at all?” He saw her tense, before licking dry lips nervously.
“No, it was something soon forgotten, I assure you.” She still looked for a weapon.
Dominic laughed. “You little liar, Slayer. I bet you had vivid dreams about me. I certainly did about you. I hadn’t planned on kissing you, but I’m glad I did. I enjoyed holding your lovely little body in my arms while I kissed you.”
And he had. He wasn’t just playing with her by saying it. He meant it. Talk about forbidden fruit. The girl was an innocent and a debutante as well as the Slayer and he’d never been so tempted by anyone. Maybe it was the fact that it was so wrong to want her that made her lips taste so good. Perhaps he should find out by tasting them again and confirming it.
“I don’t want to hear it,” snapped Sarah, and Dominic could sense her desperation. He looked at her lush lips and decided he did have to kiss them again.
“Such a delicious tasting, sweet, soft mouth. Shall I kiss you again to make sure it’s that good between us?”
Violet eyes widened as he started walking toward her and she held up a palm as if that could stop him. “This is madness. My friend and her mother will come looking for me soon. Do you want them to find us kissing?” she squeaked.
Dominic shrugged. “Don’t worry, my pet. I used thrall on them both to say that you had met a lady to sit with you and that you would meet them on the way out. They’re happily continuing their tour of the museum, and we have plenty of time to get to know each other, without fear of discovery.”
Sarah lunged to one side and seized a heavy sword. Even with her slayer strength it was difficult to lift and Dominic could see it wobbling in her hands as her muscles strained against the weight. “Stay away from me.”
He felt his cock stir at the magnificent sight of her. Who’d have thought a beautiful woman threatening with a sword could be so arousing?
“That sword is far too heavy for you, Sarah.” He felt it only fair to point out. “And you’re hardly dressed for slaying.”
The morning dress was very pretty but restricted her movements, and Dominic half preferred her in the snug fitting boy’s breeches, or even better he liked her naked. Naked and threatening him with a sword…
“Ow,” he grunted and was impressed as she threw the sword down, kicked him hard under the knee cap and made to push past him to the door. The girl had a good kick on her—wanted to play did she?

Excerpt Four

“I know what I’m doing to you.” And it pleased him.
She did raise her eyes then and he saw the panic in them. She was completely out of her depth with him, was his sweet innocent Slayer and he’d never wanted to sexually awaken a woman so much in his life.
The panic was swiftly veiled though. “I don’t know what you mean.” So, she was determined to ignore what her body was telling her was she? He wasn’t going to have that. He chuckled. “You little liar, Slayer.”
To her horror and his delight, her nipples tightened further. It would seem that she wasn’t immune to him making ‘Slayer’ sound like such an erotic endearment.
“Please stop!” she begged again as he continued to whirl her around the room. Clearly she was terrified of her attraction to him, but Dominic couldn’t have stopped if he tried. There was just something about her.
“I’d like to have you naked and splayed beneath me, crying out my name as I lick and suck your rosy little nipples and I thrust into your tempting, tight, warm body.” He looked into her eyes as he spoke in a low tone.
Sarah trembled against him and almost missed another step. He could see that she was afraid—scared because she wanted it too, he had no doubt about that. Who would ever have thought that a vampire and Slayer would desire one another? He sure as hell hadn’t seen it coming. It was completely wrong, but a very intoxicating thought all the same.
“I can imagine what it will feel like to have you squeeze my cock with your strong Slayer muscles as I thrust in and out of you.”
Dominic could see he was pushing her too far with his comments and that she was determined to stop this, in spite of her desire for him. He felt the full force of an angry slayer as she looked him in the eye, and they continued to dance. “You disgust me, you evil, undead thing.”
Completely unruffled by her harsh words and clenched teeth, Dominic looked down at her erect nipples pushing against her silk gown. “Is that why your nipples are tingling for my touch and I can smell the arousal of an untouched Slayer?” he growled sexily near her ear. They should bottle the stuff. It was such a unique, musky gorgeous smell and he was suddenly desperate to taste it. The dance floor was not quite the place though. Still, no reason why he couldn’t tease the chit some more.
“Imagine my head between your firm thighs, Slayer, as I lap at your wet sex.” Dominic relished the audible gulp and her trembling in his arms. “Imagine us writhing naked together on a bed. My bed. Vampire and Slayer – pure decadence.”
As the dance neared the end, he said one last thing to her. “If we weren’t where we were, I’d rip that prim gown off you and make love to you right now.”
Dominic watched as Sarah managed to regain control of her impassioned senses and glare at him. “If we weren’t in the middle of a dance floor and a room full of people, I’d
stake you.”
The threat didn’t even get a raised eyebrow from him. On the contrary, he liked it. She could be firm with him all she wanted. “Now that just makes me harder. You’ve made me intrigued as to where on your lovely body you might be hiding a stake.”
The dance over, he took her back to Lydia. Then leaving them without a word, his preternatural hearing picked up Sarah say to her friend. “I’m in trouble, Lydia.”
Indeed she was.

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