Lust Bites


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Could you refuse the ecstatic bite from a vampire?

Trespassers Will Be Bitten – College student, Ashley discovers what delicious things can happen to those trespassing into a vampire’s lair.

Dark Desire – Julie, a debutante in Regency England succumbs to her dark desire when the gorgeous vampire, Lord Deveraux visits her at night.

Seventy-Two Hours – Carla finds herself unable to refuse spending seventy-two hours with the irresistible Sebastian – fangs and all.

Strictly No Men – Desperate to escape men for a while and finish her manuscript, Charlotte soon changes her mind when the heavenly Matthias shows her that vamps are real and they’re particularly good at pleasing a woman in bed.


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Trespassers Will Be Bitten
Dean hadn’t had such a tasty little morsel in a long time and she seemed ripe for the taking.

He had watched this girl walking up the drive from his bedroom window and hoped that her curiosity about the ‘murder house’ would bring her to him. Her tight white vest top clung to her pert breasts and the little pink cardigan hung open by her sides, while her short flared denim skirt bought forth all sorts of fantasies. Was this really what chits wore to college these days?  And Dean reckoned she must be a college girl because she wasn’t young enough to be in high school still – yet she had a bag full of books on her shoulder. God, he’d have a perpetual hard-on if he was a tutor there.

Dean looked his fill of her, watching her cute face staring up at him; her lovely blue eyes huge with fear, while she waited for him to answer her question.

“Might have done it.” And then he smiled as she gasped. He hadn’t murdered the occupants, but she didn’t need to know that yet. He was enjoying scaring her a little and he couldn’t wait to taste her. Her clear, youthful skin was beauty itself – tanned perfection – and he could only wonder how far the tan line went on that nubile body she was ineffectively hiding beneath the skimpy clothes.

“Wh…what are you going to do with me?”

Dean grinned at her tremulous tone.   “I’m going to eat you, kitten.”


Sebastian looked the brunette over as she came closer to him and liked what he saw. If he was honest, she was having much more of an effect on his libido than her cousin had – but time was running out and he’d been pleased to find a woman who had agreed to his terms.

“How can I help you, Miss Prestbury?” His voice came out gruff as he was valiantly fighting an erection.

The brunette stopped a few yards away from him; looked at him rather nervously and chewed her lush bottom lip – which made him want to bite it. “Mr Arnold, I’m afraid my cousin won’t be able to fulfil the contract with you. She’s had to go away unexpectantly.”

“Not good enough.” He ground the words out and she stared at him in shock.

“If it’s a case of paying you back the money she had as an advance…”

“It’s not.”

“Well, please tell me how much you gave to her and I’ll see that you get it back.”

Sebastian could tell that this woman had no idea what the contract had been about, or how much money was involved. He supposed he should be grateful that her cousin had kept silent at least, but it still didn’t solve the fact that he needed a woman constantly for the next three days, if he was to have any chance of a child. “It’s not only about the ten thousand pounds…”

“Ten thousand!” Miss Prestbury gasped. “Oh, my goodness – I’ll never be able to pay you back that kind of money. Just what was it my cousin was supposed to do for you?”

A very good question indeed.

And suddenly Sebastian saw the woman in front of him in a completely different light – she would have to take her cousin’s place. “Something that you’re going to have to do instead, Miss Prestbury.” The more he thought about it, the more he wanted her to.

“What!” she spluttered, crossing her arms and glowering at him. “Listen here – I’ve come to explain that my cousin can no longer commit to your contract and that you’ll be paid back somehow…”

“Ten thousand pounds?”

“Well…that may take time to raise….but you’ll be paid it back….” She gave him a beseeching look.

“I don’t have time, Miss Prestbury. That’s the problem.”

She glared at him again. “You’re not very reasonable, Mr Arnold. I’m sure if you did give us time, I could get the money to you.”

He liked how passionate she was. He bet she was dynamite in bed. “It’s not so much the money I’m concerned about.” He stepped toward her. “Your cousin agreed to be with me for three days, starting today and as she’s not here – I need you instead.”

The evening was going well and she was having fun, until Julie happened to look up and see a dark head through the crowd. People moved away and the man looked straight at her. It was him! Her heart jumped in response and she felt hot and flustered. What did this mean? She was dreaming about a man touching her – whom she’d never met – one who actually did exist!
The crowd closed together again and the man disappeared from Julie’s sight. Feeling faint with shock, she was desperate for some fresh air and excused herself from her friends. On trembling legs and with a quivering stomach, Julie made her way to the garden outside and stood in the shadows of a tree. Closing her eyes, she leant back in its shade and took several deep breaths to try and calm herself.
“Hello, Julie,” drawled a deep voice from behind her.
His voice. From her dreams. It really was him.
She gulped, before opening her eyes and spinning around. “Who are you?” She demanded.
The man smiled at her and his brilliant blue eyes pierced her soul. “My name is Liam. Liam Devereaux, Lord Alton.”
Liam. Her mystery lover in her dreams finally had a name and Julie couldn’t look away from his mesmerising eyes.
“How are your dreams, Julie?”
She gasped in shock. “How do you know about my dreams?” She was mortified. He couldn’t possibly know she’d dreamt about him.
“Because they’re not dreams, my sweet.”

Her eyes flew open as he closed the final distance to her mouth and claimed her lips. His kiss was intense and elicited the response he wanted. She kissed him eagerly back and he gathered her to him; taking the wine bottle out of her hand and placing it on the side by the cooker.
Charlotte moaned as Matthias took sips of her mouth while his hands caressed her clothed body. His hands soon found their way under the loose t-shirt she wore and palmed her braless breasts. “What a nice surprise.” He breathed into her ear, nibbling the lobe. She shivered against him and he ran kisses down her long neck, as he started fondling her breasts.
Charlotte gasped her encouragement as he found her hard nipples. “Oh, god.” She leant her head to one side so that he could access her neck with his mouth easier. “Please…”
“What do you want, sweetheart?”
She pulled back and looked at him with desire glazed eyes. “I want your mouth on me.”
Matthias was only too happy to oblige. He removed his hands from under her t-shirt, grabbed the hem and lifted it up. Charlotte lifted her arms to help him and it was soon over her head and thrown to one side. She stood there topless in front of him as he gazed at her lovely firm breasts. “Perfect.” And he cupped them, running a thumb over each nipple. “I can’t wait to taste them.” He bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth.
Charlotte arched her back and thrust her hips against him. “Oh, yes! Suck it hard.”

Matthias willingly complied and she cried out her joy, especially when he tweaked and rolled its twin. Matthias lathed, suckled and nibbled each tight bud until Charlotte was writhing against him. “Take your shirt off,” she ordered him.
He released a wet nipple and stood up. He looked at her while he gathered the hem of his t-shirt in his hands and slowly lifted it up his stomach and chest. He revelled in her lust-filled gaze of appreciation as she took in his six pack abs and pecs. He prided himself on staying fit.
“Oh, my.” She came up to him and helped him lift the t-shirt over his head. It joined hers on the floor somewhere and she ran her hands over his firm flesh. “You must really work out,” she breathed out in awe as she followed all the ridges of muscles.

Matthias couldn’t resist a grin. “Wait until you see the rest of me.”

Before she could blink, he unbelted and unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and kicked them to one side. He always went commando and the look on Charlotte’s face was worth it. She stared at his large, erect cock jutting out between his muscular thighs.
“That’s not going to fit.”
His lips twitched. “Don’t you worry about that, sweetheart. You’ll be so wet, we’ll make it fit.”……

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