Strategic Alliance




Isabelle is a witch princess and far from impressed when she is told that she must marry a vampire prince in order to secure a strategic alliance with the undead; without help from the vampires, witch covens face extinction at the hands of the fraklov demons. The same is true for the vampire covens.

Isabelle agrees to the marriage for the sake of survival but she resolves to fight the vampire prince every step of the way. That resolve is severely tested, however, when she sneaks into the prince’s room to discover exactly what she is up against and sees Prince Lucian for the first time.

Prince Lucian is also against the arranged marriage and extremely reluctant to be marrying a witch. When his vampiric sense of smell detects an intruder in his room, the prince is highly insulted and is determined to locate and punish the intruder. His plans for the intruder change though, when he meets the princess and discovers it is her. Suddenly marriage to the witch doesn’t seem quite so distasteful.

Content Notes: Intense, Voyeurism, Violence, Light BDSM, Sexual Assault, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Action, Adventure, Demons, Magic, Witches


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Excerpt 1:

Where the hell was she?

Prince Lucian was waiting impatiently by his father’s side to meet his intended bride, but he had to reluctantly admit that if she looked anything close to resembling the queen, she was going to be a beauty and worth waiting for. He supposed that made the bedding part more tolerable. However, she was late and no doubt it was on purpose. Biting back a growl, he noticed the strained features of the queen and knew that she was not pleased with her daughter either. Lucian certainly wouldn’t put up with any such antics when they were married. The witch would damn well do as she was told.

“Is your daughter going to be joining us soon, Queen Amber?” Lucian finally couldn’t resist asking, pointedly looking at his watch.

Behave, Son came his father’s voice in his head.
I am, Lucian answered telepathically. But she insults us, Father.
She’s young and stubborn like you.
Queen Amber flushed slightly before answering. “I am sure she will be here any moment, Prince Lucian. Something important must have detained her. Perhaps security details?”

Lucian didn’t believe her and he didn’t think the queen believed her excuse either. The princess was playing games and she would answer for it.

Suddenly the doors to the grand ballroom opened and in walked the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Sweet Jesus, she had been worth waiting for, and his cock stirred in spite of his anger. His demon also wanted to play and sink fangs into that long neck, as well as other luscious parts of her firm body. He didn’t know how her strapless dress stayed in place on that lovely form but he couldn’t help staring as she moved sensuously towards them, tantalizing his senses. He instinctively knew that she naturally moved like that and it wasn’t a conscious effort on her part to be seductive. The fact that she was fifteen minutes late told him that the raven-haired beauty was not out to impress him in any way. Yet, he was impressed all the same.
“Isabelle, come and meet King Daelan and your intended, Prince Lucian. You have kept us waiting long enough.”

His father instantly turned to the queen. “Such beauty is worth waiting for,” he told her gallantly and with a smile.

Lucian merely watched Isabelle gracefully walk up the room to the dais, the dress swirling and molding to her body as she walked. She curtsied to her mother, then King Daelan and then to him. “Welcome to our palace, your highnesses. I apologize for my late arrival. It was not intended, I assure you.” But Lucian caught the mischievous twinkle in her eyes before she lowered them and knew damn well that the little witch was playing him for a fool. She was definitely going to regret it.

Lucian took one of her hands and helped her to rise from her curtsey. She was looking demurely down, but when he kissed her hand, he felt her quiver slightly, and captivating lilac eyes glared at him. It would seem the lovely princess was indeed as against this marriage as he was. Interesting.

“As my father says, you are worth waiting for.” His comment was for the benefit of everyone, but as he guided her onto the throne next to his, he growled quietly in her ear. “Don’t try and make a fool out of me again, princess, or I’ll spank that tight bottom of yours and humiliate you in front of everyone.”

He instantly felt her stiffen and lilac eyes flashed their ire at him but he knew he had made his point. As they both sat down he smelled the musky floral scent he had detected earlier and he frowned. It must have been her in his room. Her perfume gave her away. Continuing to watch her closely, Lucian hoped for confirmation of his suspicions.

“Let the dancing commence,” announced Queen Amber from beside him, before she sat down on her throne next to his father. Dancers came out onto the floor in front and entertained everyone with complex and graceful moves, but Lucian didn’t watch the dancers as he was too busy looking at Isabelle. Why had she come to his room? He wondered, intrigued. And then he smiled. Wanted to have a good look at him in advance of their meeting one another, did she? He had to give her points. It was something he would have done. Well, there were two ways he could play this now. He could let on he knew she had been in his room and see what the beautiful princess was willing to do to keep that fact a secret. Some interesting ideas came to mind. Or he could keep the knowledge to himself and return the favor. As he looked at the stunning creature beside him, Lucian decided he’d quite like to sneak into her room and see her naked. She’d thrown the gauntlet down and he would respond; he could play games too.

“Stop staring at me, Vampire!” It was hissed quietly for his ears only.

He chuckled. “Call me, Lucian. After all, it’s the name you’re going to be screaming out in my bed in a month’s time.”

Excerpt 2

The rest of the banquet passed with them quietly eating and while Isabelle chose to ignore him, Lucian wondered about getting her alone. Simply watching her take a strawberry from her plate and bite into the juicy fruit with her lush lips had him hardening and shifting uncomfortably in his seat. Was the witch doing it on purpose – letting some juice coat her plump lower lip, before she licked it off with a sensual slide of her tongue? A quick glance in his direction as she bit into another strawberry told him she was and his eyes narrowed.

“Careful what you unleash, Witch,” he purred quietly and she gave him an uncaring look as she took another bite and then licked the juice off her lip.

“I don’t know what you’re on about, Vampire. I’m only eating my dessert.” Then she picked up one of the strawberries and placed it against his mouth. “Here. You try one,” she insisted. “They’re so succulent.”

She made ‘succulent’ sound pornographic and Lucian opened his mouth to take a bite before he could help himself. God, simply being fed a piece of fruit had him itching to fuck her. There were certainly soft and juicy parts of her he’d like to try. Finishing his strawberry, Lucian was pleased to note that Isabelle had no more on her plate. He also saw that servants were collecting all of the plates and heard the queen inform everyone that they were now free to do as they pleased. Instinctively he knew that the princess would leave him as soon as possible and while he was trying to think of some reason to detain her, the queen came to his rescue by approaching them. She placed a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “Isabelle. Why don’t you show Prince Lucian the palace gardens?”

The brief look of horror on her face said it all, but Lucian was quick to take advantage and stood up, holding out his hand to her. “Yes, I would like you to show me them, please.”

The princess reluctantly took his hand and let him help her up. Then she placed her arm on his. “They’re this way,” she said unenthusiastically, as she indicated which direction they should take.

Lucian saw the look she gave her mother before she led him over to the exit and he struggled not to grin. It was too much fun making her squirm.

Once through the door and down a long corridor, Isabelle took him to a set of double glass doors at the end, which opened for them automatically and Lucian found himself in an orangery filled with tropical plants. A perfect location for kissing the lovely witch, he promptly decided.

Isabelle let go of his arm as if he had the plague. “We don’t have to go far, because I don’t think you really have an interest in gardens. However, this is the orangery – it’s lovely as you can see.”

Then glaring at him, she added bluntly. “Take a quick look and then tour over, Prince. As I’m going back to my suite, alone. I don’t intend on seeing more of you than I absolutely have to while you’re here.”

Lucian’s lips twitched. Why he found it amusing that a beautiful woman was trying to get rid of him he didn’t know, but he did. And his silence clearly irked her, because she snapped. “Well? Take a look so that I’ve done my duty and then I can go.”

He didn’t look. Instead he stared at her, making her squirm before finally asking, “What about what I want, Princess? Have you considered that?”


Excerpt 3:

Once the bath was run, Isabelle climbed in and lay back amongst the bubbles, leaning her head on the edge and closing her eyes in bliss. That was better. “Now I can forget about my awful day and green-eyed troublemakers.” She felt drowsy as the waters soothed her.

Yet, five minutes later, something triggered the intruder spell and made her skin tingle. Keeping her eyes closed for a moment so as not to alert them that she knew they were there, Isabelle instead used her magic to determine who or what had entered her bathroom. Sensing no danger or someone intent on attacking her, she suddenly realized and hid a smile. She could feel him. So, Lucian had come to see her, had he? She was sorely tempted to punish him by changing into the green-skinned hag he dreaded she might be… then she had a better idea.

It had never bothered Isabelle being naked and she knew she had a good body so she let him look. He’d made such an effort to come and see her. And she’d give him a little show now that he was watching, tempt him with what he definitely would not be getting, even when they were married. She’d also pretend she was thinking of a lover and see how angry she could make him.

Isabelle opened her eyes and began to soap her legs, while looking discreetly around for him in the room. She had to give the stupid vampire points for trying. She couldn’t see him, so he must be part of the steam swirling around the room or something – hadn’t she read somewhere that vampires could turn into some sort of mist? She mentally shrugged. What do I care? He was here in her bathroom and unaware that she knew, so she was going to have fun with him.

Lifting each shapely leg out of the water as she washed them, Isabelle ensured that he got a good look at them. Then when she had finished washing her legs, she began to soap her stomach, caressing her skin and sighing as her hands moved further up her body. Closing her eyes again, she arched her back to fully expose her breasts for him, before she massaged them with soapy hands. She cupped them in each hand and pinched the rosy nipples hard between a thumb and finger. “Oh yes,” she moaned, making it sound as throaty and sexy as possible for his benefit.

“Yes, pinch them hard like that.” Isabelle groaned as she continued to tweak and pull on her erect nipples. “Then I want your hot mouth on them,” she instructed her imaginary lover. “I want you to lick and suck them.”

One hand left a breast to trail slowly down her stomach to her sex. She ran a finger up and down the little strip of raven hair and then parted the delicate folds of skin, holding them open so that the vampire got a clear view of her pussy, in the water. She used magic to ensure the bubbles and soapsuds disappeared to reveal her whole body to him.

“Tease me with your fingers and use your teeth to graze my nipple.”

The vampire hadn’t made a sound yet, so she wasn’t sure how aroused he was getting – if at all. Anyway, I’m having fun, she thought as she pinched one nipple while the long fingers on her other hand worked her clit. Sliding the little hood back and rubbing a fingertip over her engorged clit, she found the little bump on one side that gave her the most pleasure. She didn’t have to pretend that she was enjoying herself because it did feel good playing with her body and it was an extra turn on knowing that he was there watching, even if he hadn’t revealed himself to her. She actually could feel his gaze on her and her body prickled in awareness.

“Oh god.” She bucked against her finger, crying out as she pleasured herself. “That feels so damn good! I love it when you rub that special little spot for me. You always know exactly where to touch to make me come hard for you.”

She hoped Lucian was one horny vampire and suffering with blue balls as she rubbed her clit faster but kept the pressure quite light. “I’m so close to coming now.” She let him know as she felt her orgasm build.

“I can’t wait for your big cock in me.” Not yours though, vampire—never yours—but it couldn’t hurt to make you jealous.

“Oh, that’s it. I’m taking you deep inside. Now take me hard. Make my pussy squeeze your cock!”

Isabelle came hard and her eyes flew open, glowing a dark lilac with desire. Looking towards the window she smiled. “Did you enjoy the view, Lucian?” Then she giggled, unable to control her amusement any longer.

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