Out of Bounds


She is his best friend’s sister. That makes her off limits, right?

Ava Young owns Legends, an exclusive London nightclub. The club has become quite the success, which is more than can be said for her love life. Not into vanilla, she craves a man who can give her some more exotic play. But any thought of a relationship is put on hold when Ava discovers that she has a stalker. Can she stop whoever is sending her dark gifts without involving the police, or worse, her ex-SAS brother sending her a babysitter?

Kace Adler is about to take a well-earned break after getting his new security business off the ground. But when his best friend and former brother-in-arms asks him to protect his sister, he can’t refuse. Dreading the assignment because he’s been warned Ava won’t accept help easily, Kace finds she’s worse than expected. She pushes all his buttons and he finds it increasingly more difficult not to provide what she desperately needs, a firm hand and some kinky play. Except Ava is out of bounds and Kace doesn’t mix business with pleasure.

Publisher’s Note: This action filled romance contains a theme of power exchange and steamy scenes.


Kace peppered her lovely ass with swats all over, with varied strength, while Ava squirmed on his lap, rubbing herself on his pant leg. She was dripping, coating his leg with her juices. “Are you sorry for disobeying me?” he asked. He paused in his spanking. There were a few sniffles and a muffled answer. “Pardon?”

Ava sniffled once more. “I didn’t mean to disobey you.”

Kace looked down at her red bottom with his handprints all over it. It still wasn’t red enough. Besides, Ava sure as heck didn’t get it yet. “Not quite the answer I’m looking for. Perhaps the plug will help change your mind.”

“I’m sorry!”

Kace caressed her hot flesh for a moment. “Pity you didn’t say that just now when I asked you.”

He reached into his pocket for the large butt plug he’d brought with him. Then one hand spread her cheeks, exposing her hole to him. “I’m not going to use lube, so you feel the discomfort.”

“Kace. Please. I am sorry.” Ava wriggled on his lap, but was trapped firmly between his thighs.

“Stay still, or it will be more uncomfortable.”

She stilled.

“That’s better,” Kace said, placing the plug at the entrance of her puckered opening. He then slowly inserted it, twisting it as he did so, to help force it past the tight ring of muscle until it was fully inside her ass.

“Oh fuck, Kace. It feels so full. Take it out.”

He closed his eyes against her words, trying not to imagine his cock filling her tight ass instead. She’d feel more than fucking full then, all right.

“It stays where it is, Ava, until you’ve completed your punishment.”

Ava moaned in pain mixed with pleasure, especially when Kace lightly pinched a reddened cheek so that her ass contracted around the plug.

“I’m going to get you back for this.”

Kace grinned. She never learned when to shut that sassy mouth, which, on this occasion, he didn’t mind at all, for her sweet, firm ass was going to pay for it. Besides, Kace was looking forward to branding Ava’s flesh with more of his marks. He grabbed the paddle from where he’d left it on the desk, then without warning, he brought it down with force across her buttocks. She cried out, but Kace didn’t let up. The swats increased, all over her upturned bottom, on the meatiest flesh, the sound of the paddle echoing around the room.

“Please, Kace. Not the paddle. It hurts so much.”

Kace ignored her, for, finally, he seemed to be getting through. He knew it stung, deeper, more excruciating than the spanking he’d given. Plus, the plug in her ass added to her discomfort any time she clenched around it. But it was all for her own good. She needed to stay safe. He continued until her bottom was bright red.

Ava clutched his leg, sobbing openly. She resorted to begging for leniency, promising to stay safe. Half of her words were incoherent.

Kace paused. “Have you had enough, Ava?”

She hiccoughed through her tears. “Yes. Please stop.”

“Do I know best?”

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