Important Characteristics Of Alpha Males

Every Romance story needs an Alpha Male. Without one, women wouldn’t want to bother with the story. So what are the characteristics that this type of male possesses? One of the main characteristics of alpha males is confidence. When they walk into a room, they command attention. Even if they are questioning themselves, they don’t let others know it. An Alpha Male isn’t afraid to make eye contact and keep it. He makes the other person break eye contact first. In a romantic story, it’s important to get the audience to know that the man is confident. The audience needs to know how he looks into the eyes of the women he is wooing.

An Alpha Male makes no apologies for his sexuality. He has no problem letting women know that he is a sexual being. Beta males will try to go out of their way to conceal their desires. It’s almost as if women have to force them to talk about what they want. In a romantic story with an Alpha Male, he takes the lead. This type of male doesn’t have to be overly aggressive in order to lead. The self-assured quality that this type of male possesses allows him to lead in a manner that doesn’t turn women off. Although alpha males are sure of themselves, they don’t come off as arrogant. An arrogant male can turn people away from the story.

Spontaneous behavior is the trademark of the Alpha Male. He isn’t afraid to surprise a person in one way or another. Perhaps it’s a romantic lunch during a lunch break. Maybe it’s a woman coming home to a bubble bath with roses laid out on the bed. It could just be sending roses to a woman’s job. Regardless of the action, there will be some type of spontaneous behavior in a romantic story involving an Alpha Male.

Alpha males also can be seen as protectors. Women in romantic stories should feel safe while they are with them. Often times, a woman in a story will say how she feels so safe and secure in the arms of a strong man.

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The Romantic Factor in Today’s Movie Vampire

If anyone has been paying attention to the silver screen lately, he or she will notice an influx of movies about vampires. Only the vampire is not the horror creature normally seen in vampire movies. The blood sucker is romanticized as a hero. A lot of women enjoy this new wave of movies about these creatures of the night. They also enjoy reading the novels about them. What is the mystique that draws women to these fang-bearing creatures of the undead? Is it because of the danger involved in such a relationship? Is it the promise of living forever as a youthful immortal? It is a mixture of those things and more.

Romantic involvement with a vampire gained notoriety with Bram Stoker’s Dracula of 1897. The idea of a creature of darkness taking control of a potentially life-threatening situation and making it romantic seems to take on a life all of its own. Somehow, the words “bite me” seems to hint at romantic overtures that ought to be forbidden, but are yet so appealing. The fact is, vampires have taken on that leading man role in films, and the movie makers are reaping the financial success for taking such a leap.

Women are really into the idea of romantic interludes with a vampire. Movies like the Twilight series and the HBO series True Blood feature vampires who are looking to fit into the natural world, somehow. This transform the vampire from the hideous return-from-the-dead monster to a “forbidden fruit” kind of romance. The mystique of having a lover who might have killed several others just to stay alive somehow has a powerful scent that attracts the daring female. Consequently, she loses herself in the drama.

So, today’s movie and novel vampire has become the hero for women. Considering the actors they get to play these characters, it is not hard to see why. Add to that, the bad boy image that has always been an attractive quality for a lot of women looking to live on the edge, the vampire has emerged as a natural leading character. Keep your eyes open to see more of these type of characters maintaining center stage.

By Vanessa Liebe


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