Bad Girls


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A cat burgler. A petty cash thief. A desperate housewife. A nosy cat sitter. A reckless basejumper. What could these five women have in common? They are all Bad Girls.

When Gemma climbs into the first apartment on her list to burgle, she is distracted by something more enticing than money and jewels. A moment’s hesitation, and she ends up paying for her crime in a most unexpected fashion.

All Shannah wants is a new pair of shoes. They are a bargain, but still not within her means. She finds a way to pay for them, but ends up with far more than she bargains for. Are they really worth the price she must pay?

Melissa is frustrated with her husband away on business all the time. She takes desperate action in order to prompt a response from him, but she may have gone too far. She gets a response alright and things become hotter than she thought they could. Does this naughty housewife manage to save her marriage, or not?

While cat sitting, Jess can’t resist the urge to get comfortable. She makes herself at home and in the process crosses some boundaries that her ‘host’ is far from happy about. Fortunately, she also finds the means to her own—end.

Olivia, The Cat, Davis thrives on the danger and the thrill of jumping off of buildings. The taller the better. As she attempts her ultimate jump, she is met with a stern warning that she has chosen the wrong building this time. If she survives the fall, will she survive the aftermath?

In pursuit of their selfish dreams, each one of these wildly beautiful, but very naughty girls comes up against a man who can teach them right from wrong, and that there are consequences to their actions. Consequences they are more than happy to dish up.


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Short Excerpt: 

Anger rising, Alex followed the wet prints, down the hall, up the stairs and along – he clenched his jaw – to his bedroom! The prints were fresh to show up on the carpet like this and Alex was furious. Not only was someone in his house, abusing his trust by making free with it, but they were showing a total lack of respect for it. The wooden flooring downstairs could be damaged by the wet foot prints. However, he’d worry about that in a moment. Right now he was more concerned with who the hell was leaving water everywhere.


He entered his room to hear the TV on in the bathroom. His fists clenched. Leaving water all over the house, using his bathroom and watching his new TV. Someone was in serious trouble.


Alex quickly glanced around his room to see what else had been used or taken. He noticed the vibrator on the bedside table and growled. Jesus. The person had even rifled through his box of toys in the wardrobe and taken one out ready to play with. Rather absurdly, Alex just couldn’t connect that action with his cool blonde neighbor. Zara was nice enough, pretty enough, but she didn’t seem the sort who would like anything more than vanilla sex.


Alex’s musings were interrupted by the bathroom door opening and a stunning raven haired woman coming out. She was wearing his robe which tipped his anger over the edge. It swamped her, despite her being fairly tall and his fingers itched to rip it off the beautiful stranger. Take his property back.

“Who the hell are you?” he ground out through clenched teeth.


She jumped, gulped and then recovered her poise. She flicked her long hair over a shoulder and looked at him haughtily with a raised brow. “More to the point. Who are you?”


Alex had to admire her brass necked cheek, but it was going to end very badly for her.

“I own this house.”

He watched the dawning realization that she was in trouble register in her green eyes. “Oh,” she said.

“Oh indeed.”


Then she looked at him defiantly. “Well, Mr. Young. I’m Zara’s cousin, Jess. She had to go away for two nights. Something came up at work and so she asked me to look after your darling cat for you.”


Alex’s gaze raked her form. “And you decided to move in and make free with my bathroom, did you?”


She smirked. “Actually I used your kitchen to cook myself dinner, I frolicked naked in your hot tub, while drinking your wine and then I made free with your bathroom.”


Alex’s eyes narrowed. She was unbelievable. Totally unrepentant about what she’d done.


He watched as she sauntered over to wear he stood.


“If you’ll just move, I’ll be out of your hair,” she said looking up at him. “And I’ll return the robe tomorrow.” She made to reach for the door handle, giving him an expectant look. But Alex didn’t budge.


Instead he reached for the belt on the robe and tugged it loose. “On the contrary, Jess. I want my robe back and you’re not going anywhere.”

My favourite ‘bad girls’ or kick ass heroines in television and movies.

Number One – Tracy Whitney from If Tomorrow Comes (Novel and a mini-series). I absolutely love her character. I admire how she gets her revenge on the people that set her up, before she begins her career as a thief. Turning to crime is her only way of surviving but the way in which she interacts with a co-thief is fun as well as the chemistry between them.

Number Two –  Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium Trilogy. She pursues revenge and justice, using any means. I love her toughness, intelligence and her computer hacking skills.

Number Three – Mindy (Hit Girl) in the Kick Ass movies. Understandably violent due to how she was brought up, I can’t help liking her and admiring her skills. This is one little girl who can take care of herself.

Number Four – Sydney Bristow in the Alias series. I enjoyed all the disguises and secret agent capers. Sometimes the plots were a bit too unbelievable, which was part of its charm, but this female agent did kick ass. She was sexy and likeable.

Number Five – Sarah Connor – both in the Terminator films and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I liked the concept of this character. Sarah’s intelligent, tough and never gives up. I particularly like the fact she’s such a girly girl initially.

Number Six – Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I loved the series, seeing how the character matured over the seasons. Who wouldn’t want to have accelerated healing and super powers?

Number seven – Carol Peletier from The Walking Dead TV series. I haven’t read the comics but I really like Carol in the TV series. She has grown so much as a character, endured much and violence is necessary to stay alive. She is brutal J

Number Eight – Veronica in Heathers. An old film, but I liked how this character got involved with the wrong guy, did some violent things but then saw the error of her ways.

Number Nine –  Mathilda, Léon. The unlikely friendship between lethal professional killer Léon, and the 12-year-old, newly orphaned Mathilda is brilliant. I like how she convinces him to take her on as his protégée.

Number ten – Xenia Zirgavana Onatopp in Goldeneye. She’s hilarious as the villain who crushes men to death between her thighs. Quite a power lol.


Well, these are my favourite Bad Girls. I would love to hear about more, so who are your favourite bad girls from TV or movies?



Who My Dream Movie Cast Would Be For One Of My Stories, Abuse of Trust.

Jess – would be played by Lucy Hale as this beautiful actress has the dark hair and green eyes already. She also has a look of innocence about her which I think would be great for playing a role of the complete opposite, especially when her character is unrepentant about making free with Mr Young’s house.

Zara – would be played by Beatrice Rosen. Whilst only a brief role in the story, I think it needs to be played by a cool and serious older beauty, in order to emphasize how different the two cousins are. Zara is sensible and not a risk taker. I feel Beatrice would portray this aloof coolness perfectly.

Alex Young  – would be played by Chris Hemsworth as he has the good looks, blond hair, blue eyes, and ripped physique I would be looking for to play an ex-military alpha male. He also looks stern enough to administer the discipline my heroine requires.

There needs to be instant fireworks between the characters of Alex and Jess and I think the two actors I have chosen for my dream cast would definitely set those fireworks off.

What about you? Is there a movie you can think of, where you’d like to have picked the cast?

My favourite ‘bad girls’ or kick ass heroines in books I have read.

Number One – Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium Trilogy. For me, this character is awe inspiring. I love the fact that she is such a survivior and uses any means, legal or otherwise to pursue her revenge, as well as justice. Intelligent, strong and a computer hacker.

Number two – Tracy Whitney in If Tomorrow Comes. I simply love how this lady ends up being a thief from an innocent. After getting her revenge on the Mafia, she has no choice but to turn to crime to survive. I enjoyed every minute of her burglaries and the interaction between her and a co-thief.

Number three – Lucky Santangelo in the seven books by Jackie Collins. What isn’t there to like about this kick ass lady? The family motto of ‘Never fuck with a Santangelo’ says it all. Lucky has beauty, brains and she’s tough as nails.

Number four – Emma in Emma by Jane Austen. This beautiful heroine, gossips, belittles people and interferes in the lives of others and yet you can’t help liking her and of course this charming bad girl finds redemption in the end.

Number Five  – Alexandra Poe in POE. A female bounty hunter – how awesome. This lady is super tough and never backs down from a fight. Sometimes to her detriment.

Bad girls are much more memorable in books and I certainly enjoyed writing about some. Who are your favourite bad girls of literature?

Ten things I would do in someone else’s house, if I was like my character Jess in Abuse of Trust and I made free with their house 🙂

Number one – If they had a hot tub, I would totally go in it. Maybe naked, maybe not. Definitely with a glass of champagne or two.

Number two – Help myself to food and drink, especially any luxury items. I have never tried caviar, so if there was any of that, I would have to give it a try.

Number three – Have a good snoop around. Look in drawers and cupboards. Give myself a complete tour of the place.

Number four – Try on clothes, especially if designer label. And try on shoes. Walk around in them.

Number five – Go in their swimming pool, if they have one. Possibly skinny dip.

Number six – Use their bathroom and have a luxury bath. If they have a TV in there- even better. Watch it while I’m relaxing in the bubbles.

Number seven – Temporarily move in there for as many days as I thought I could get away with it.

Number eight – Watch their dvds or play on their game station.

Number nine – Make myself cocktails and get comfy in their lounge.

Number ten – Invite someone to join me, but not have a party as that may be going a bit far 🙂

I think it would be fun being bad like Jess for a few days.

If you abused someone’s trust whilst house sitting or looking after a pet, what would you get up to?