My Top Ten Erotic Historical Reads

I’d like to share my Top Ten Recommended Erotic Historical Reads with you.

Number One

‘The Rakes on Tour’ series by Bronwyn Scott

I love this series about four noblemen and friends who go on a grand tour of Europe. Each story perfectly combines suspense, history, romance and some very steamy love scenes.

Number Two

‘Ruthless’ (The House of Rohan) by Anne Stuart

This is the first book in a four book series plus there’s a prequel. There is plenty of intrigue, danger and hot sex in different historical backgrounds. Superb series and I highly recommend.


Number Three

‘Lessons From a Scarlet Lady’ by Emma Wildes

I absolutely loved this amusing story on how a duchess reads a courtesan’s lessons for the boudoir. An innocent wife suddenly becomes a vixen in the bedroom. It’s amusing and hot.

Numbers Four & Five

‘The Regency Redgraves’  and ‘The Romney Marsh’ series, both by Kasey Michaels are superb. Each book contains an enthralling love story, great sex, mystery, suspense and all against an enthralling historical background.

Number Six

‘A Stolen Heart’ by Candace Camp

This book is great –  romance, outspoken heroine, mystery – all set in Regency times. The other books in the set are good too. Plenty of skulduggery 😊

Number Seven

‘One Wicked Night’ by Heather Boyd.

If you want a quick read that is hot and historical, then this is for you. Not too much of the historical detail, but it is very short. I still loved it.

Number Eight

The Devil’s Waltz by Anne Stuart

Yep, another book by Anne Stuart. The anti-hero, the strait-laced heroine and a dastardly villain with hotness thrown in. Perfect.

Number Nine

‘The Hand Of Amun’ by Juliet Hastings

If you are fascinated by ancient Egypt, this is a great erotic story about a temple servant. It’s steamy but has a wonderful story too. Black Lace books are good, but this one definitely stood out for me.

Number Ten

‘Grey’s Lady’ and ‘Wild, Wicked and Wanton’ by Natasha Blackthorne

These two books about the same couple were a very hot read. They were also something quite different for me as they were set in historical America and I got an insight into society life back then, where America was on the verge of the War of Independence.

How about you? What erotic historical reads can you recommend?

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